Thursday, 30 August 2012

Where do you go to my lovely?!

I must apologize for the long gap in posts, when I set up this blog the intention was to post regular updates

However, with the CILIP restructure, I have taken on more duties (like many fellow library types) and I've found it difficult to actually get around to telling you what I've been doing and where I have been.
I've found that Twitter is a better way of keeping in touch on the go @CILIPinWales and @Minimorticia

I am due to go on maternity leave this week, coming back in March 2013.
CILIP have appointed a cover person, who you can reach via and on 07837 032 536

I've also updated the list of CILIP Cymru Wales Committee members on our WebPages.

The 2012 CILIP in Wales Conference - leadership, was a success and you can look at some of the sessions here.

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